Dark Millennia Tattoo

Our artists comply with all safety & health precautions. One time use needles and equipment are disposed of in bio-hazard containers for our and your protection.

We do accept walk-ins and appointments.

For Walk-In Tattoos:
Before you come in, think about the size, placement and style of your tattoo.
Please bring any reference with you to help guide your artist in the right direction.
Take your time choosing a design and always feel welcome to ask any questions.
We have years of experience to answer any of them.

For Custom Tattoos:
Please bring any reference with you to help guide your artist in the right direction.
Your appointment will be set up about 1 week away giving your artist time to draw your design right!!
We will call you when your drawing is complete and ask you come by to view it, so any alterations can be applied.

A $50 dollar
non-refunable deposit is required for custom work.
This deposit will go back towards the price of the tattoo so you don't lose it.
If you have to cancel
PLEASE inform your artist 24 hours in advance or you may lose your deposit.
If you have to cancel a second consecutive time, another $50 will be required.


Age Limits

16 & 17
We must have
Your parent/guardian must be present to fill out our release form.

18 & Up
We only require a Government Issued Photo Identification.


We accept
Cash, Credit Cards, Gold and Professionally Taxidermied Animal Anomalies.
Please no Checks (which should be illegal) or Money Orders.

We do not barter and
PLEASE no drunks, couch surfers, highed-up dope fiends, hagglers and/or bargain shoppers.
Remember you can't buy Air Jordans at Walmart.